18 ene. 2009

Tardes de Invierno

So one night she phones me.
I'm cornered in the living room we're speaking of impending doom.
We exchange sad goodbyes.

Where did all the feelings go? Couldn't we have just said no? Why can't we have, why can't I be just what we dreamed of? I thought what I'd do was have a shot of you and I'd be buzzed off of your love. Or was it the Jager? It's safe to say I'd wager that it was and now I'm just hungover.

So much for forever, I guarantee we'll be those friends who talk once a month then that'll end. It's not what I wanted, sometimes things were as good as gold but quite often shit got very old.

te echo de menos.

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nαim manricci dijo...

hola ferran
muy bonito eso que dices : D
un saludoo

Jorge dijo...

ací em tens!

t'he enllaçat i tot!

electro.eve! dijo...

cute =)

Espe dijo...

no sabia que tenías blog, esta muy chulo =D
te agrego a amigos ok?
un besoo =)

Noj dijo...


Davinia. dijo...

Ferran T'estime!

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